Worm Weather cover artWelcome readers, writers, librarians, teachers and weather enthusiasts!  My name is Jean Taft and I write books (well just one for now) for kids.  My first picture book, Worm Weather, was released October 2015 by Penguin Young Readers!

I am a New England native and fortunately for me, I love weather!  What is the best weather for reading and writing?  Any weather!  From snowstorms to thunderstorms, and raindrops to rainbows you will find me reading, writing or outside walking the beach or canoeing a pond.

When I was growing up I always loved being outside on those rainy days when the worms were crawling around!  You know, Worm Weather!  I love talking with grown-ups and kids alike about this book.  As soon as I mention the title, most people know exactly what type of rainy day the book is about! 

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Great News!

Here’s a new book that includes one of my poems, LOBSTER RAINBOW!  The art in this anthology is so beautiful and the poems are fun to read!  Check it out!


Next Stop!   

I see more in-person book visits in my future!  Let’s get back to normal!