NAIBA 2015 Pick of the Lists – PICTURE BOOKS. “A good rainy day read aloud, only a few words/phrases per page, rhyming.” 

Books help kids endure long wait for spring, The Virginian Pilot, February 21, 2016 by Caroline Luzzatto:   “As the rain streams down outside, a little boy and girl get ready for an outdoor adventure: “Coat, hat/Rain goes splat!” Wiggling out of the sodden ground, sometimes at the center of the illustrations, sometimes around the edges, are the worms they spy on their trip from home to playground and beyond. There’s an academic purpose behind the book – “Worm Weather” is part of a Common Core series that highlights such concepts as weather, animals and friendship – but there’s nothing stiff about the sweet story that encourages readers to look for changes in the weather, imagine life as a worm, and revel in the simple pleasures of rainy days and rainbows.”

WNY Family Magazine, April 2016:  The Wonders of Spring- Pick of the Literature by Dr. Donna Phillips:  Worm Weather “celebrates the rain that heralds spring.  As rain falls and puddles form, children (and worms) come out to explore.”  Click on the link to read the entire entry.  Link for WNY Family Magazine

An Education in Books describes WORM WEATHER as “an ode to playing outside, even in rainy, wormy weather…prose is short and poetic, fun to read aloud.  There are rhymes, but it never stretches too hard and stays rhythmic and lively throughout.  Matt Hunts’ playful illustrations show the joy of splashing and running in the rain.”  Visit the blog An Education in Books for the link to rainy day activities and to read reviews of other good read aloud books for great reading in all kinds of weather!  Link to An Education in Books

Pram Jam with Beth:  For a review of more weather books and some activities visit this link to Pram Jam with Beth at the Cockburn Libraries. Link

Forest Grove City Library December’s Recommended Children’s Book:  WORM WEATHER.  Children’s Librarian Ann Dondero writes “Kids and worms will find enjoyment in the wet, puddle filled weather that could very well be Oregon this season!”  Click the link to see WORM WEATHER and all the December recommendations.  Click Link weekly podcast for December 6, 2015:  Matthew Winner reviews WORM WEATHER in this weekly podcast.  He describes the text as “fun on your tongue” and “little one word drops to carry us through the story.  It feels like the rain plip-plopping down from the sky.”    Winner also notes that “the illustrations are so beautiful; it’s not a grey drab story…everything works about this book.”  To hear the entire review click the link: Click Here

Read All About It: A delightful rhyming book for kids.  Brandy Hildboldt Allport of The Florida Times-Union writes: “Traditional fare such as Mother Goose or innovative introductions by Dr. Seuss lodge in memories because of word play.  Today’s children still appreciate the simple joy of words that are just plain fun to say.  A new book called ‘Worm Weather’ by Jean Taft provides the perfect chance to lure young readers into a rollicking rhyming session.”  To read the entire article, Click Here

Interviewed by Karlin Gary on My First Picture Book Q&A.  Take time to read through Karlin’s blog on what authors have to say about their first picture books, inspiration, and writing in general.  Click here

A Book Review from Exploring Portland’s Natural Areas by Michael D. Barton:  “Worm Weather, with minimal rhyming text and fantastic illustrations by Matt Hunt, treats young readers to the wonderful world of weather by encouraging them to explore it.”  To read the entire review and other book reviews  Click here.

WORM WEATHER: A Chance to Learn about Soil Science in A cup of Leadership by Deanne Bryce.  Deanne’s blog is part of a project called Book Drops for Kids which is about using picture books to inspire interest in STEM.  Click here.

For a list of books about weather visit Leap-a-Book. Click here.

The Newport Daily News, December 3, 2015:  Book Worms – Middletown author treats students to ‘Worm-A-Palooza,’ book reading.